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Speed & Agility Training for Future Superstars!

“Darrell is an outstanding trainer. He is highly motivated to help his clients reach even beyond their stated goals. He is tireless, driven yet sensitive and caring. With his expert speed/strength training and exceptional motivation skills my son went from having been cut from his high school baseball team in the 9th grade to a varsity starter and a college baseball scholarship! If you want an expert trainer who gets results for his clients (and really loves seeing his clients succeed) go with Darrell. If you are willing to work he will get you the results you want, and probably more. He is also a self-starter and an entrepreneurial person with high aspirations for himself and his clients. Super Individual!!” ~ Rick Fuentes


X5 Sports Lab’s Youth Sports Performance: Speed & Agility, Strength & Power, 1st Step Quickness, Speed Endurance and Proper Sports Nutrition are included in our program.  Professional instruction is provided from former collegiate and professional athletes. Our Youth Sports Performance program is designed to take youth athletes, of ALL SPORTS, to the next level.

What are Speed and Agility?

The term “speed” refers to how quickly you can move, measured by how much time it takes to travel a specific distance. The more distance you can cover in a given period of time, the greater your ability to generate speed. “Agility,” refers to the ability to start, accelerate, stop or change direction quickly. Agility provides the foundation for many athletic skills like jumping, juking, rolling and dribbling.

Why Speed and Agility Training is Important:  

For those who play sports like football, basketball, lacrosse, tennis or soccer, speed and agility training provides the baseline athleticism necessary to refine their sport-specific skills. But speed and agility training is not exclusively for sport-specific athletes. People of all fitness levels can develop their functional strength, increase core stability and improve the way they move with speed and agility training.

What is Visualization?

Visualization in sport is a training technique that forms a part of the larger science of sports psychology. Visualization is also known as mental imagery and rehearsal. Visualization is used primarily as a training tool, one that improves the quality of athletic movement, increases the power of concentration, and serves to reduce the pressures of competition on the athlete while building athletic confidence.

Visualization occurs when athletes are able to create an image or a series of images relevant to their sport, without any external prompts or stimulation; the images are mentally generated by the athlete alone. Visual images are usually the most important to athletic training and may be employed as the sole mental training method. Athletes may also depend on auditory images (sounds), kinesthetic images (movements), tactile sensations (touch), and purely emotional stimulation, in combination with visualization or as freestanding training aids, as may be appropriate to the effort to elevate the performance of the athlete.

There is a powerful relationship between mental and physical performance in sport. The development of a wide range of mental powers, such as focus and concentration, elevates athletic performance; over-analyzing detracts from the athlete’s ability to react instinctively, an attribute that is usually a more desirable quality than the ability to reason through every sporting circumstance.

What we offer:

We provide ongoing Speed & Agility, Strength & Power, 1st Step Quickness, Speed Endurance and Proper Sports Nutrition training programs for 2nd – 5th grades, 6th – 12 grades and College athletes.  SPEED WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS! If you’re a serious athlete looking to gain a step on the competition, X5 SPORTS LAB’s Youth Sports Performance Training Program is for you; Speed & Agility, Strength & Power, 1st Step Quickness, Speed Endurance and Proper Sports Nutrition.

Our Rookie Speed & Agility Training program (1st – 5th Grades), the most important program, places a high priority on functional movements, athletic coordination, balance and relative strength and the introduction of essential muscular movement patterns. These are vital in establishing a child’s athletic foundation for improved performance, injury prevention, and long-term enjoyment of sports participation.

The Rookie Speed & Agility Training Program:

• Introduction to exercises that develop general strength. The foundation for future strength and power gains begin at this stage.

• Emphasize developing the core sections of the body as well as muscles at the extremities. Most exercises involve body weight and light equipment, such as medicine balls or light dumbbells.

• Develop a solid endurance base through aerobic and anaerobic training.

• Fundamental movements and mechanics are mastered in this age group to raise all athletic ability levels; no matter his/her starting point.

• All athletes will train in small groups and progressively tracked in our Performance Database for guaranteed and definitive results.

The Semi-Pro Speed & Agility Training program (6th – 12th Grades):

• Increase speed & agility training intensity and sports specialization. Training will begin to closely simulate the actions that take place during competition.

• Make developing the aerobic capacity a high priority for all athletes, particularly those who participate in endurance and endurance-related sports.

• Progressively increase the volume and intensity of anaerobic training.

• The inclusion of formal Strength and Power training; learn proper lifting techniques.

• All athletes will train in small groups and progressively tracked in our Performance Database for guaranteed and definitive results.

The Pro Speed & Agility Training program (College):

• Continue to emphasize multilateral training

• Further increase training intensity and sports specialization.

• Progressively increase the volume and intensity of anaerobic training.

• Strength training program suitable for multiple sports.

• Prepare athletes for college level training.

Each Speed & Agility Training sessions is both fun and motivational.  Athletes are encouraged to challenge themselves beyond his/her comfort zone. By competing at 110% each session, each athlete will walk away from our Speed Training camp feeling confident and excited about what they can achieve with continued hard work.

What improvements should I expect from your Speed & Agility Training program?

* Running Mechanics

* Acceleration

* Agility

* Lateral Quickness

* Vertical

* Speed Endurance

* Muscular Endurance

* Absolute Power (Strength)


“My workouts with X5 Sports Lab, in a few short months, helped me to lose over 22lbs. and dramatically improved my strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and timing. My Golf Polo Rankings have improved from T732 to 34 in less than 12 months.  I earned a full scholarship to Clemson University as a Sophomore!” ~ Billy Kennerly



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 Darrell Watkins and the X5 Sports Lab Speed & Agility Training program have helped me in many aspects of my golf game.  I am in the best physical shape of my life and even more importantly I am mentally stronger.  During my first workout session I could only do 24 push-ups a minute and my flexibility was awful!  After one and a half months I can now do 47 push ups a minute and my flexibility has improved dramatically.  I have gained 13-20 yards on my drives and now average around 270 yards.  However, college golf is not just about who can hit the ball the farthest.  It’s about who can consistently score.  This is where mental strength comes into play.  When I walk a 7,100-yard golf course I am not physically tired and better yet, not mentally tired either when I come up the 18th hole and need to maintain concentration and focus.  Darrell Watkins and the X5 Sports Lab Speed & Agility Training program have helped me attain my personal goals and I am sure that they can do the same for you.  My success has earned me a scholarship to UTC.~ Nathan Rhatigan – University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga