Boot Camp Johns Creek | All Fitness Levels


X5 Sports Lab’s Boot Camp is for all fitness levels, but do I have to be in shape?




Do consider the following before making the commitment:


X5 Sports Lab’s Boot Camp is held indoors/outdoors.  The elements are NEVER a concern.


There is running in some form every day and because we run outdoors, most of that
running is on concrete. If you have severe knee issues or any injury that
prohibits you from running, you will have the option to walk or be instructed to
do something else.


With that said, you may want to consider swimming as a fitness option, or
contact one of our personal trainers. However, if you just don’t “think” you are
a runner, X5 Sports Lab’s Boot Camp is DEFINITELY FOR YOU.


You do not need to be able to run very far or fast when you start, you just need
to have the ability to move without severe pain.


You do not need to be fit to join our Boot Camp programs. You do not need to “get
in shape” to participate; that is what our Boot Camp program is for. But if you have
not been moving at all in the past year and decide to join the Boot  Camp, give yourself
two weeks to start walking and moving for at least 10 minutes a day before you begin.


X5 Sports Lab’s Boot Camp is NOT just for weight loss. Our program is an athletic and military
based training 
program and many of our participants compete in obstacle course races, triathlons,
tennis and 5k – marathon road races on a monthly basis.


How do we challenge both out of shape and athletic participants in the same


The answer is the X5 Sports Lab’s Boot Camp Secret! Using our unique programming during the
majority of class time, all participants push beyond his/her own fitness level.
Each participant will achieve his/her own fitness goal at his/her own pace.


Ready to sign up?


We do limit our group size, so don’t wait.


What is included in the 4-Week Indoor/Outdoor Boot Camp?


Depending on location and start time you will receive 20+ indoor/outdoor
workouts, nutrition tips, variety of fitness routines and positive motivation to
make it through the program. We also strive to make sure each participant gains
self confidence, increased energy and an overall healthier lifestyle upon
completion of the program.


I am really overweight, can I sign up?


Anyone can participate in any of our Boot Camp programs. While each class has a
high level of intensity, each participant will have the ability to go at his/her
own pace.


Please note: There will be some instances where you may be redirected or your
exercises modified based on your fitness level. All participants encourage each
other to perform to a higher standard. We encourage you to take your journey
with X5 Sports Lab’s Boot Camp program and win a new you!


How long is each workout & when are they held?


Each workout lasts 30 – 45 minutes beginning and ending with stretching. We have
multiple Boot Camp programs and start times so please visit our online store to see
which program days and times work best for you


How do I sign up?


Register Online today! Remember, don’t wait until the last minute as we only
allow a limited number of Boot Camp participants in each program.


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